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​Advisory Board Members

The Advisor Experience

Being an Advisory Board Member at a university is a prestigious and fulfilling role. With University Advisors, we ensure that this experience is enriched with several benefits and opportunities for engagement. Here's what the Advisory Board Member experience entails


Virtual Meetings: As an Advisory Board Member, you will participate in three virtual meetings per year. These meetings are crucial for:

  • Collaborating with fellow board members, faculty, and university administration.

  • Discussing and shaping the strategic direction of academic programs.

  • Providing your insights on current industry trends, curriculum development, and other vital matters.

These virtual meetings ensure that your expertise is utilized effectively, no matter where you are located, allowing for flexible and meaningful participation.


Digital Badge: To showcase your affiliation and contribution, you'll receive a digital badge that you can display on your professional profiles like LinkedIn. This badge:

  • Adds prestige to your professional identity.

  • Demonstrates your commitment to education and industry advancement.

  • Helps in networking with like-minded professionals.


Personalized Welcome Kit: Upon joining the advisory board, you'll receive a personalized welcome kit. This kit includes:

  • An official welcome letter.

  • Details of your role and responsibilities.

  • Certificate of achievement.

  • Informational materials to get you acquainted with the programs and initiatives you'll be influencing


Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Stay informed and engaged with our bi-monthly newsletter designed exclusively for Advisory Board Members. The newsletter includes:

  • Updates on university programs, achievements, and upcoming events.

  • Articles and insights from fellow board members and industry experts.

  • Opportunities for further involvement, workshops, and seminars.


Access to Program Discounts: As a valued Advisory Board Member, you'll also gain access to exclusive program discounts. These include:

  • Discounts on courses, workshops, and conferences organized by the university or affiliated institutions.

  • Opportunities to enroll in professional development programs at preferential rates.

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