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​Advisory Board Members

The Instructor Experience

The Instructor Experience through University Advisors offers a comprehensive and rewarding engagement for working professionals who aspire to contribute to education. Instructors typically get paid for their time and the experience encompasses the following

Business Meeting

Expert Case Studies:

  • Instructors have the chance to author and complete expert case studies in their field.

  • These case studies may be used in academic curricula, providing real-world insights to students.

Presenting at Board Meetings:

  • Instructors may be invited to present at board meetings, sharing their insights, experiences, and innovations.

  • This offers an opportunity to influence strategic decisions, align academic programs with industry needs, and interact with university leadership.

Delivering Webinars:

  • Instructors can host webinars on specialized topics, sharing their knowledge with a broader audience, including students, faculty, and other industry professionals.

  • These webinars enhance the learning experience and provide a platform for continuous professional development.

Creating Online Modules/Courses:

  • Instructors have the opportunity to design and deliver online modules or entire courses.

  • These digital learning resources can be tailored to meet specific educational goals, blending academic theory with practical industry knowledge.

Live Teaching at Open Enrollment and Custom Corporate Training Events:

  • Opportunities to teach live at open enrollment sessions, reaching diverse groups of students and professionals seeking to enhance their skills.

  • Custom corporate training events provide targeted education for specific business needs, where instructors can apply their expertise to real-world business challenges.

Consulting Opportunities:

  • Instructors may be engaged for consulting projects with the university or affiliated organizations.

  • These projects leverage the instructor's professional experience and insights to address specific challenges, drive innovation, and contribute to ongoing growth and success.

The Instructor Experience through University Advisors is not just about teaching. It's a multifaceted engagement that allows professionals to influence education, share expertise, create valuable content, and even consult on specific projects. With opportunities ranging from writing case studies to live teaching and consulting, it's a dynamic and fulfilling role.

This holistic approach ensures that instructors are not only compensated for their contributions but also have various platforms to impact education and industry simultaneously. It's an enriching experience that fosters professional growth, networking, and a profound sense of contribution to shaping the future of education and industry practice.

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